We celebrate beauty and want you to feel sexy and confident in your own skin. 

Our Eco-friendly Shapewear Solutions are designed with the attributes of lifting, smoothing & contouring a woman's natural curves while caring for the environment. Nothing is added to our products that has not been fitted by a team member with confidence. Whether it be waist, backside or bottom, we have a shaper for your specific needs. We feel if a style fits properly on a naturally blessed woman, it will look great on just about every body-type.

Our Swim Collections are designed and themed to celebrate the beautiful destinations our team has traveled to, whether vacationing or volunteering with humanitarian and preservation work. We are inspired by all things nature.
10% of sales from our Collections will go towards charitable organizations throughout the globe. Check out our Philanthropy page for
We ship most of our products using environmentally friendly recycled & reusable materials.